Battle Creek Public School wanted to visually designate a portion of a school as a dedicated STEM program area. With super graphics on all the walls, using math and chemistry symbols, astronomy and laboratory icons, images of multi-cultural female and male science heroes, themed quotes, mixed with kids' silhouettes, the space became inspirational, lively and colorful. We even had a chalkboard where kids could make announcements or post jokes.
Agency: Burrell Communications 

For two consecutive years we were privileged to designed supergraphics for this client's booth at the Essence Culture Festival. 
For the first year, the client wanted to subtly highlight the technological side of their beauty business in a stylish way. Our solution: create a double helix pattern resembling pearls with a sparkle background that would twist through the design like beauty DNA.
For the second year, they asked for an edgier treatment with richer coloration that represented the rich diversity of women of color. 
Agency: Burrell Communications

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