I was a fine arts drawing major at Carnegie-Mellon University and especially loved drawing portraits. Over the years I've made my living in advertising and creating brand design. It was a natural progression, as I think of logos (and, to some extent, ads) like little portraits of the company or person they represent. When you describe the qualities of the logo, you should be describing the qualities of the company. Innovative or dependable, funny, cutting edge or soothing – however you'd describe the brand personality should be expressed in the shapes, lines, imagery, colors and fonts of the logo. For that reason, I can't say I have a style. I always try to make the logo a style that suits the entity it represents. I've written about how each of the logos on this site do just that.
My logo? My family hails from Pennsylvania Dutch country, home to hex signs, distelfinks, and my favorite dessert, shoo-fly pie. My logo is a hex sign mashup of my initials made from good-luck distlefinks (thistle finches) in a subtle W shape and a thistle plant in the shape of an S. (I couldn't work the shoo-fly pie in there because it was too many ideas. Mmm, pie...)
Illustrating on my iPad or building unique graphics on my laptop are other favorite pursuits. I hope you enjoy looking at my work. Please get in touch if I can help you create a memorable brand identity or engaging imagery. I'm available to collaborate.
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