Print / New product launch

Next Generation wallboard
new product introduction
DDB / Art Director


Direct Mail / Brochure
This self-mailer’s story integrated with the storyline in the commercial and was mailed
to USG’s list of contractors. It announced the Rock Tour: four trucks decked out
in NASCAR®-inspired graphics we designed, stopped at construction sites all over the country,
handing out information about the Next Generation of  wallboard, free hats and T-shirts,
and entries to win a new truck.

Brochure is 8 color and spot varnish with self mailing back, wafer sealed.

USG brochure cover- Rock Tour Promotion
USG brochure spread1- Rock Tour Promotion
USG brochure spread- Rock Tour Promotion


An interactive print ad introducing one of  the new products to the trade
revealed its unique features and benefits. The design integrated with the
Next Generation wallboard print.

Trade magazine tip-in ad
Trade ad with cover piece opened up
Trade ad fully open


Direct Mail promotion

To introduce the new USG products to influential sales people, we created
a direct mail box with usg branded knife and brochure.

USG Direct Mail Promo Box



A version of the brochure was distributed to the sales force that also included
market research results, the marketing support plan and a FAQ section to help
them talk to the trade.

Next Generation / Brochure / cover
Next Generation / Brochure / interior





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