Small Business Logos

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The Angry Chef is Julie Isaacson’s hilarious collection of satisfying recipes inspired by unsatisfying relationships.

The Angry Chef

Glencoe Kitchen and Design specializes in custom woodwork. The handcrafted lintel of their entry inspired the logo.

Glencoe Kitchen & Design logo

Mary Marvin is a fiber artist who makes hand painted silk scarves. The double M of her name and the fluid quality of the scarves are echoed in the mark.

Mary Marvin Silks logo

Dr. Sara Marvin, a psychologist, wanted her mark to feel life-affirming and to show growth, representing the way patients progress through their therapy. A tree of life that grows above ground for all to see, while growing strong roots below, was the perfect metaphor.

Sara Marvin, psychologist logo

String Theory Yarn Company is an earth-friendly yarn store that buys wool from artisans all over the world. The name represents  the owner, Janet Avila’s belief that “everything is connected to everything else; somehow what we do here in our small circle has both personal and global impact.” After eight successful years in business, Janet decided to refresh her corporate branding with an updated logo and new web design. We collaborated on this update, keeping the oval shape of her original design, and adding a new signature type and a string ball mark. The new logo also expresses the bright and lively experience of the shop.

String Theory Yarn Company / logo


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