POS / Restaurant

Before we undertook what would become a 2 year project,
we established our goals for the menu:

Menu Management Branding Guidelines

Food is star
The appeal of McDonald’s food is second to no other communication element
More menu real estate will be utilized for taste appeal

Must be quick and easy
Simplify the understanding of food choices
Menu must be easy to navigate

Communicate variety
More sandwich ingredients will be featured and less bun
Photographically, individual sandwiches will be easier to differentiate

Let the food call the shots
Present the food in the manner that best represents its best features

Easily understood by all consumers
More visual communication and less copy communication
Non-essential copy is eliminated or redesigned to avoid redundancy and allow for easier navigation
Visualize what customers are getting for their money by communicating universally to people of all languages

When you enter the store, you enter the brand
Menu elements must be consistent with McDonald’s branding as it relates to look, feel, quality, simplicity and message

McDonald's Menu Experience redesign




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