Corporate Logos

NEC-SE is a policy studies/research institution and think tank that provides political-military assessments and analysis of Middle Eastern affairs. Founded by an Assyrian-born US Army Lt. Col. (retired), the logo’s imagery is inspired by iconic Assyrian art, representing strength, growth and light in the midst of international turmoil.

Near East Center for Strategic EngagementNear East Center for Strategic EngagementNear East Center for Strategic Engagement

The owner of Buckshore wanted the name and the logo to feel 100% Michigan. So we created a buck’s antler that suggested a B set against a blue expanse of sky and water.

Buckshore_logo-1 buckshore-stationery-1 buckshore_cards-1

The Great Indoors was a name and logo developed for a concept store for Montgomery Ward. It never sold there and somehow the idea ended up at Sears. Very mysterious!

The Great Indoors logo

FitzBradshaw Racing wanted a logo that would be unique to their partner, Terry Bradshaw. So built into the mark is a graphic tribute to Terry’s illustrious career with the Steelers.

FitzBradshaw Racing logo

David’s Bridal print and TV was the assignment, but their logo needed an update…badly. So we offered a few logo ideas, adding them to the print ad comps. The client sparked to this one and updated their identity system, including the signage on over 500 stores.

David's Bridal logo

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